Expressive Clarity

EXPRESSIVE CLARITY – Personal & Public Speaking Intensive

Gain confidence in your public speaking and personal expression!
Using professional performance and vocal techniques with the Clarity principles, you will learn key tools to Speak Up, Speak Out, and Be the Authentic You!




What if…

You could speak your mind when you wanted to,
the way you wanted to?

What if your communication was clear, confident and authentic?

What if you could be a persuasive leader in your field?

How perfect will it be to trust your voice and nerves when speaking in front of  others?





Your Voice deserves to be heard.
You have things to contribute.
There’s only one of you.
The world needs to hear what you’re curios about and what you have to say!




Confident Thoughts.  Confident Actions.
Confident You.

Expressive Clarity…. The only course like it.



Use all 6 of the Clarity fundamental communication tools hand-in-hand with professional vocal exercises.

Expressive Clarity is a one of a kind workshop that helps you identify what you want to feel, say and express – and teaches you how to use your voice and body to do it!

We’ll take specific examples of something you’d like to feel clarity and confidence in expressing; We’ll workshop that idea(s) through each of the Clarity tools to re-frame (evolve) the way you think about it, and feel about expressing it.   We’ll use vocal and performance practices to warm up, get comfortable in and have fun(!) with communication.

You’ll explore the meaning of these tools while you apply & practice them:

1) Seeing with clarity – High Noticing – Lights-On Learning™.
2) Sensing with clarity – Checking In – Where am I and where do I want to go?
3) Speaking & Listening with clarity – Clean & Clear Reflection – Progressive, authentic and compassionate dialogue.
4) Strengthening with clarity – Holding Your Field – Personal Power – Staying true to you.
5) Creating with clarity – Power Language – High-powered language that energizes, inspires, and supports.
6) Embodying with Clarity – Uncover and overcome sabotaging fears, stage fright and verbal blocks with simple physical practices and attention tricks.

The Performing Arts Practices are World-Class

Some of the state of the art performance and presentation methods we use are drawn from the following group of outstanding practices for world-class artists, theatre companies and international spokespersons alike.
~ Performance Theorist and International Performance Studies Scholar, Richard Schechner’s – rasaboxes: the eight key emotions of the Universal expression.
~ International master teacher Michael Lugering’s The Expressive Actor Method for integrating full bodied experience.
~ Playwrite Keith Johnstone’s Improvisation techniques for spontaneity, freedom and creative dialogue.
~ World renowned professor Kristen Linlater vocal exercises for freeing the voice for singers and actors.
~ International Theatre Directors and Practitioners – Jersey Growtowsky’s physical theatre and Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints ensemble and group work for interpersonal leadership and collaborative development.
~ Yogic breath work, meditation and postures
for full expression and a calm and centered mind.

These practices have been cultivating some of the world’s most significant artists and performances for the last thirty years – come learn what singers like Celine, speakers like Tony Robbins and performers from Steven Cobert to Cirque Du Soliel know and practice to make their huge contribution to the world!…

 Be Compelling wherever you are.

Being able to identify and speak your mind, your passion and your purpose confidently is a learned skill.  And You CAn Learn it!  There are tricks to growing your expression muscle and practices for making it lighter and easier to do.  Learning a these world class vocal and physical exercises coupled with the clarity principles of positive approach will change your sense of self and communication experience forever.

No experience necessary – come as you are.

Be INSPIRED and Be EXPANDED — To discover how to Be a Brighter Bolder, more Creative YOU!!

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Look forward to seeing (and hearing!) you!

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