The Vibrant You – Introducing Clarity Energy and Focus

The Vibrant You

A two hour workshop seminar in optimizing your outlook and creating what you want. Shift your thoughts immediately to improve focus, productivity and overall well-being!

 What if it could be different?

  • Would you like your thoughts and focus to be vibrant and clear?
  • Would you like to have more energy and vitality for what you want each day?
  • Would you like to remain calm and centered even in challenges?


Science has new things to say about thinking and vitality!

Join The Vision Space and Clarity Coach Shelley Lynn for this introductory seminar to learn how shift your focus into greater health and well-being.  Science tells us that a positive outlook greatly affects our health and longevity.  Knowing how to create this especially under challenging life circumstances is key!

Do you often feel obligated or overwhelmed by people or situations?

Do you sometimes swirl in an eddy of negative thinking, and create the exact opposite result of what you want?



Tools that Make a Difference!

The Vibrant You takes you on a journey through three of the Clarity Lights-On Learning™ tools:

1) High Noticing – Seeing with Clarity
2) Energy Fields – Sensing with Clarity
3) The Check In – Speaking & Creating with Clarity


During the two hour seminar, you will workshop one area of your life or work that if it were energized and clear would make all the difference.  Using visual materials, journaling and humor, this class will help you re-wire old unhelpful thoughts right away to create a new approach to your perspective.  Leave feeling brighter and more energized!

Come learn how to see, sense and speak your true vitality!

Learn these three state of the art communication tools that will improve personal experience and relationships instantly.
Stay focused on the thoughts, actions and behaviors that keep you vibrant, energized and on a positive pathway every day.

Upcoming Classes

The Vibrant You – Two Hour Workshop Seminar
Fee: $49 includes seminar booklet handout and all materials
See calendar for upcoming classes.


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