From Here to Clarity – Communication Excellence 101

Personal & Professional Communication Success
for Partners, Co-workers, Family & Friends

“Better Communication is everybody’s thing” – Suzanne Becker, author, sociology professor, sports and gender specialist

  From Here to Clarity

Lights-ON Learning™ with the Clarity Operating System

SPEAK Your Mind –
LISTEN Effectively –
REMOVE Negativity – CREATE the Experiences       You Want.

Learn top 5 Clarity Communications Tools to create success in personal and professional communications.

* Learn the science behind inspired collaboration and deeper understanding.
* Practice to communicate directly with command, compassion and authenticity.
* Instantly improve your relationships and feel stronger in your voice.

From Here to Clarity reminds us how to: see, sense, and speak what is most enlivening and productive.
Everyone knows what its like to be drained and overwhelmed by patterns of behavior and communication that are less than productive. Challenging situations at work or home can zap your energy and lead to confusion, frustration, isolation and fatigue.

Through From Here to Clarity you identify your needs clearly and access your resources quickly.  From Here to Clarity teaches you how to overcome negative self talk, and steer clear of energy vampires.  You practice how to speak truthfully and connect with others successfully.  You see how to create and sustain aligned partnerships in business and home. You get out of overdoing and obligation and into a fully empowered you.

You’ll Learn:

The Science of Clarity Thinking
Identify What’s Important to You and Why
How to See, Sense & Speak w/ Clarity
Practice Easy Application & Influence with Integrity

This half-day workshop covers five fundamental tools used in The Vision Space Coaching:
Introduction to Lights-ON Learning™
– The science behind our happiness and collaboration. See Client photos before and after.
Tool #1 – The Check-IN
– Tools for Clear Seeing and Sensing.
Tool #2 -Holding Your Field
– Tool for Authentic and Empowered Internal and External Dialogue in Any Situation.
Tool #3 and Tool #4 – High Noticing and the Power of Language – Tools for Clear Speaking and Engaging.
Tool #5 – Projection vs. Observation
– Tools for Listening, Problem Solving and Finding Alignment.

Stay focused, centered and connected through harmony, impact and alignment.   

Communicating better is everybody’s thing. How we communicate with everyone (everyday) marks the quality of our life and work experience.

From Here to Clarity is Great for first time folks and The Vision Space alumni alike! learn and deepen your communication skills – its a win/win for everybody.

Upcoming From Here to Clarity Classes

When:  Coming 2020
Where: TBD
Time:    TBD
Fee: $119*
Continental Organic Breakfast & all materials included.
Preregistration Required
Call Shelley to register (970) 389-1194 or email

*Scholarships available for qualifying student, community and training organizations.
Call The Vision Space for details.


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