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From Here to Clarity

Launch & Live Your Dream: A Workshop for Purposeful Living and Energized Careers
Saturday, Aug 24th, 2013


Your Vision Day

Lights-On™ Vision Session to
Bring Your Vision to Life

Sunday Aug 25th, 2013

Learn 5 keys to turning your good ideas into GREAT real living.  Sound Good?

Register by June 30
for Early Bird Discount!



 Are You Asking Yourself…

What’s next in my life or career journey?
How do I best serve myself and others with my unique expression?
How can I feel fulfilled?
Do my habits or feelings sometimes inhibit my success?

What if…

  • What if you knew exactly what you wanted?
  • What if your goals were concrete, present and vibrantly clear?
  • What if you knew your first steps right now and felt supported to take them?
  • What if you knew how to stay true to your inspiration without distraction?
  • What if your body and mind were focused, clear and energized so you could really grow into your greatest self?

Learn to use the Clarity Lights-On™ method to be crystal clear:
Overcome Obstacles.  Move Forward with Energy. Create the Life you Choose.

What to Expect from the Clarity Weekend:

FROM HERE TO CLARITY: Get the Energy Edge – Discover and Launch Your Purposeful Life!

  • Saturday, Aug 24, 9-5pmFrom Here to Clarity interactive workshop  – learn and apply the five fundamental Lights-On Learning™ tools to stay on course with what’s next for you personally and professionally.  Understand the strategy to launch and support your vision with the tools you’ll learn here.  Create the path for your dream life with clarity and focus.  A fun and fulfilling day of self discovery and dedicated action.  Click here for full Course Content.
  • Register by June 30 to Receive Welcome Packet

    1. Get started creating healthy thoughts and energized actions right a way! Upon registration you will receive an introductory outline of the Lights-On Learning™ tools and a worksheet to focus your attention on what’s next for you.
    2. Over the following weeks you will receive follow up emails with useful tips and video links as preparation for the weekend.
    3. We will delve deeper into these tools during the Clarity weekend seminar. Where we will answer any questions that arise and workshop these specifically.

What you will take away from the From Here to Clarity’s weekend experience:

  • The Ability to Discover, Design and Implement the steps that Truly Energize You!
  • An understanding of the science of happiness and Clarity tools
  • Useful course handouts for sealing in the practice and helpful future reference
  • Your own Clarity Performance Chart
  • A list of additional resources and reading material
  • A beautifully illustrated River Map to chart your journey and stay on target with Lights-On Learning™

Added Value!

Many people who experience From Here to Clarity, are truly inspired by their renewed perspective and shift in strategic thinking; they are ready and eager to get started right away and want to take their clarity to the next level.  In our experience one of the best ways to do this is to have your very own personalized Vision Session.  We have included it here as part of the Hebden weekend package.

Sunday Special Offer:
Here’s how The Vision Session works:

Step 1:  After a brief orientation, which includes relaxing breath work, you will be interviewed with state of the art Lights-On Learning™technique.  Shelley will lead you through a series of questions and follow the energetic signals and vitality clues that your face and voice will give when discussing what brings you joy, what “lights you up”.  The process takes between one and two hours, in which time your vision for your most purpose filled life comes alive – we will see where you are most energized and what truly inspires you.

Step 2: From here you will create maps, and strategic action steps customized specifically to your goals. You will also book an inclusive follow up one-on-one session with Shelley.

Step 3: The follow-up coaching session, taken within thirty days, supports your vision and ensures your targeted focus as you move forward. The individual coaching is THE KEY factor in people developing and sustaining the life of their dreams.

Through your customized Vision Session you will discover:

*What’s Next for you personally and professionally.
*Clarity that you are on the right path.
*Connection to your unique gifts are and the unlimited creativity you possess.
*Useful, unbiased feedback with only one goal in mind – YOURS.
*Time spent in a supportive environment, where you can be yourself and learn to express the essence of who you truly are safely and creatively.

Sunday, Aug 25 9-4pmCustomized individual and small group vision sessions, 60-90 min each, are booked by appointment with The Vision Space by June 30, 2013. 

Give Yourself the Gift of Clarity – for less than the cost of a Day Spa

This profound creative journey allows you to linger in what you truly want and gives you permission to connect with what you love to do.  Whether you are already clear about your dream and just want to know which actions to take next.. Or if you’re starting from scratch wondering where your deeper purpose rests… Give yourself the gift of sacred time and feedback – For less than the cost of a day at the spa – Let your vision for the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled you come to life.

Here’s What Others Say:

“Previous personal development seminars have pointed to some core issues but the Clarity process has allowed me to identify the impact of these in my life and move beyond them.  My career scenario stands out as one of the major ‘on the ground’ shifts that has come from this work.  I was working seventy hours a week, feeling obliged and frustrated.  Through Clarity’s methods and Shelley’s coaching, I have been able to identify alternate viable solutions, set boundaries and communicate clearly.  This has allowed for everyone to get what they were looking for, including the job done and no-one stuck with overtime.  By connecting to my vision, I am able to hold my own field and trust there’s a scenario that works.  I have been able to carry this win/win confidence forward continually to date.” Ian Nienhueser, Environmental Engineer. Phoenix, AZ


Shelley uses intuition and ground-breaking Clarity to tap your potential and make it manifest.  For me, this was a return to singing, writing and performing which I had ‘abandoned’ some years previously.  
Shelley is authentic.  The precious time I spent on this course, along with her recommended books, continues to produce lasting positive change in my life.  I am now a successful singer-songwriter and have my own communications business.  It’s all about tapping into what naturally energizes you and makes you tick! Shelley and her Art of Clarity don’t change your life… She skillfully helps YOU  CHANGE YOUR life.  If you throw yourself into this, it will be the making of you.” Sarah Heeley, Writer / Singer / Producer of Northern Kind, Leicester, UK


“Shelley has been instrumental in assisting me in finding my God-given path. Some call her a Clarity Coach. I call her my productivity coach. Over the four years that I have been working with her, she has assisted me in clarifying what excites me. In our beginning sessions we made a list of my favorite things and where I imagine the direction that I would like my life to go. Next she had me draw a “vision map” of all of the exciting events fitting into my life. Then she guided me in creating my own workable, low stress plan of accomplishment one session at a time. Shelley assisted me in staying on track with my plan and today I am able to say that more than half of my vision map has been achieved!
I have been so pleased with my results from working with Shelley that I paid for three months of coaching for a friend of mine.” Dawn AdamsTV Producer, Chico, CA


“As successful as I am in my career, I had lost the focus on what is more important in life, myself, what makes me myself, the people and things I love. The Art of Clarity certainly gave me the tools to understand how to stay focused on the simple things that make a big difference.
..”  read more. Win Person, VP Gaming Industry, Las Vegas, NV




“MY EXPERIENCE WITH SHELLEY HAS BEEN NOTHING SHORT OF PHENOMENAL!Shelley’s an incredible force to be around; her light and energy are contagious. She truly knows how to tailor the language of Clarity to an individual’s situation without diluting the language itself.  My experience with Shelley has been nothing short of phenomenal!  One of the most helpful tools has been the scale of “light and shadow” – I carry it with me at all times!… read more.   Sh@yLa L0vE,  Actress, Atlanta, GA




 More Praise for The Vision Space

Fees & Registration

Option One – Workshop
From Here to Clarity
Hebden Bridge price: £75.00 (£65.00 Early Bird Registration). Includes all course materials.
  Limited to twenty available places.  For Early Bird Special Register by June 30, 2013.

Option Two – Vision Session
Your Vision Session
Hebden Bridge price: £115  (£105.00 Early Bird Registration). Includes a follow up one-on-one coaching session with Shelley to be taken within thirty days. 
Book session times with The Vision Space, limited to eight available places, please Register by June 30, 2013.

Option Three – Full Weekend Special
From Here to Clarity workshop PLUS your very own customized Vision Session, regular price: £190 – When booked as a full weekend package: only £150 (save £40 Early Bird Weekend Special!). Spaces limited,  Register by June 30, 2013.

From Here to Clarity workshop

Your Own Vision Session
Follow Up Coaching:
only £150.00

Here’s How to Register

1) Use the Paypal links below to select one of three payment options.

2) A registration form with welcome packet will follow to your email address.

3) Upon registration, you will receive the From Here to Clarity introductory video and worksheets.  This video and worksheets introduce the Lights-On Learning™ method used throughout the workshop. These will help you focus on your goals for the workshop and what you most want to get out of the From Here to Clarity event.

4) Please contact for details. Thank you!

From Here to Clarity

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About The Vision Space Coaching

For more than fifteen years, Shelley Lynn has been working with individuals and organizations from London to Las Vegas to create and implement their unique visions in the world. Her company, The Vision Space, specializes in state of the art energy coaching, the Lights-On Learning ™ developed by Clarity International®.    The From Here to Clarity series introduces this Lights-On Learning™ method, teaching you how to see, sense and use your own energy to create greater health and success in your life.

Contact Shelley at The Vision Space or
phone: (702) 518-5733 for more information.  Thank you!

Limited seating available – REGISTER TODAY!


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