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“Vinyasa Bliss” Friday’s 5:30 pm*
Blue Sky Yoga

Inside the Arts Factory, 107 East Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Blue Sky is a “Pay What You Can” studio making yoga accessible for everyone!
$12 recommended donation – Thank you.
*no classes on First Fridays

Vinyasa Bliss
Vinyasa is a way of practicing yoga that integrates the breath with movement and is specifically defined as the “art and science of sequencing”.  In Shelley’s Viyasa Bliss class, Ashtanga (an athletic style of yoga) along with gentle Hatha poses (general yoga postures) are combined in a fluid, medium-paced sequence.  This class focuses on the quality of the breath as it relates to softening and strengthening the body. We consider the way it enlivens each aspect of the practice and daily life.  Come gently detoxify and invigorate your body as your personal wisdom, intuition and acceptance are deeply encouraged.
All levels welcome.

More on yoga inspirations and influences.


The Chakras describe seven main aspects of life (*survival*, *desire*, *personal action and authority*, *connection and love*, *creativity and expression*, *intuition*, *thoughts and global awareness*) giving us a map to discover areas of strength and vitality and places for healing, development and greater expression.  They help to link the mind’s metal processes with the body’s physiology and as such, provide great insight into patterns of behavior and personal beliefs.  Learn more.

An introductory course, The Seven Gems of Life, as well as in-depth workshops for each chakra are given throughout the year.   See upcoming classes.

The Seven Gems of Life, Intro to Balancing the Chakras – Sept 30
Root Chakra: Muladara – health, finances
Sacral Chakra: Svadisthana – attraction, passion
Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura – identity, will
Heart Chakra: Anahata – love, intimacy
Throat Chakra: Vissudha – voice, expression
Third Eye Chakra: Ajna – dreams, visions, intuition
Crown Chakra: Sahasrara – beliefs, thoughts

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