The Vision Space Method – Lights On Learning™

Gary and Cathy Hawk founders of Clarity International and creators of Lights-On Learning

A Bio-Feedback Process

The Vision Space coaching uses Lights-On Learning™ a state of the art interview and feedback process developed by Clarity International’s founders Cathy and Gary Hawk. Through this innovative biofeedback process you will learn to identify what truly energizes you – what lights you up and keeps you inspired.

Knowing What You Want makes all the Difference. When you are clear about what you want, your inspiration paves the way.

The Lights-On Learning™ method enhances your perceptual ability to such a degree that you will feel increased vitality and see actual physical changes in your face while you are being interviewed and when you apply this high noticing in your daily life.
Your energy will radiate – you will look and feel brighter
as you see past words and history to what truly lights you up.

Looking for Lights 

Looking for lights-on is a new way of seeing, sensing and identifying what is the healthiest and most empowering NEXT STEP for you in any situation.  This process heightens your innate ability to tune into the signals and vitality cues around you.  Once you learn this skill, you will profoundly enhance all of your decision making and communication. Learning to conduct a quick and accurate scan for levels of passion and energy in yourself and others is a foundational skill for living an energized, happy life.

Lights On Learning™ – How it works

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