About Shelley Lynn

Shelley Lynn, founder of The Vision Space, began her career as a professional director and theater practitioner.
Throughout her training in the arts, Shelley learned the importance of an integrated body/mind approach for success.  She decided to bring this integrated awareness into the mainstream – where educators, leaders, and policy makers could benefit from these specialized performance techniques.  Shelley set out to create a coaching model where right brain intelligence (creativity, spontaneity, vision) could be easily accessed outside the creative arts.     Finding Clarity International’s Lights-On Learning™ method was the key!

Shelley apprenticed in this whole brained approach with Clarity founders, Cathy and Gary Hawk for three years, becoming a senior Clarity International coach in 2009.  Shelley also certified as a Yoga Alliance yoga teacher (RYT) and has taught chakra yoga work since 2007. These experiences enlivened Shelley’s own life and career, and created the link for The Vision Space’s unique blend of strategic planning and embodied holistic coaching.

Committed to the power of creativity, Shelley uses her background in fun and advantageous ways to light the spark in people.  She connects with her clients based on their core values and their inner wisdom – guiding with practical tools for clients’ overall well being. She combines her extensive arts background with her skills as coach to create exciting, effective transformation and peak performance.

Some Clients  include:
Performers and directors from Cirque Du Soleil; Nevada SBA Emerging Leaders Program, Arizona BLM, Campaign management for 2010 Nevada Governor’s race; Executive staff from the Belagio, MGM Grand, Treasure Island, Mandalay Bay; Professors and Head’s of Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Artistic Directors and Board of Directors for Boston Somatic Dance Company; Business and Personal Training Bootcamps for Professional Fitness Institute.

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